Should you try to remove mold yourself?

The risk of mold regrowing is one of the reasons why you should never try to clean the mold yourself. No mold remediation is complete without addressing the source of mold growth to minimize recurrence. If the fountain isn't repaired or replaced, mold is likely to reappear within a few days. The tips and techniques presented in this section will help you solve your mold problem.

Professional cleaners or remediators may use methods that are not described here. Keep in mind that mold can cause stains and aesthetic damage. It may not be possible to clean an item to restore its original appearance. While the serious health effects of exposure to black mold are enough to prevent you from eliminating it yourself, it's not the only reason to call in a team of experts to take care of treating a mold infestation in your home.

It then kills and removes the mold with water and detergent, and then prevents it from returning with mold-resistant paint like Kilz (which confusingly doesn't kill existing mold). Calling on a professional team to handle the removal of black mold can be a daunting task, especially if you're concerned about the costs of remediation. However, for some, problems in the home begin in mold season, when hot, humid weather causes mold to release its spores.

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