What type of protective masks should i wear when removing mold from surfaces?

N95 respirators are a type of particle mask with a built-in filtration system that. The best mask for cleaning mold is an N95 respirator. N95 respirators are a type of anti-particulate mask with a built-in filtration system that, when placed firmly against the face, prevents small mold particles from reaching the nose and mouth. They are also the only mold mask approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

When cleaning mold, you must protect yourself from exposure to mold, which can have potentially harmful health effects. These masks filter particles from the air, such as mold spores, from the air so you don't breathe them in. You should also wear protective gloves that reach at least half your arms and goggles to protect your eyes. It may not be possible to completely clean the mold from them, and it's essential to get rid of all the mold that has grown so that it doesn't reappear.

If you're not wearing any personal protective equipment (PPE), you're causing all those mold spores to settle on your clothes, in the area you're cleaning, on your shoes (allowing mold to spread to other areas of the house), in your eyes and nose until it reaches the upper respiratory system. Before you clean up any mold in your home, you must first fix the problem or water source that causes mold growth. Disposable personal protective equipment is the optimal solution for environmental remediation workers who remove mold from damaged structures. For more information on specific remediation tactics depending on the size of the contaminated area, OSHA provides a PDF on mold and protective clothing against mold.

Black mold is very dangerous and many homeowners can experience symptoms for a long time without having the slightest idea that there may be black mold growing nearby. Wearing a mask may seem simple enough, but you should know a few things if you want to be comfortable and safe while getting rid of mold. If you work in an environment with a higher chance of exposure to mold, such as construction or disaster relief, you should wear protective equipment to prevent mold inhalation. Mold colonies grow from tiny mold spores in the air that can stick to you or objects and reach your home.

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